1st SCROG CFl grow! journal also


ok guys this is my first journal, and as such i will keep track and document my times growing.


4x40w fluorescent bulbs
250 W HPS
Scrog method
3 fans for air circulation.
all being grown in a very small indoor closet. so very tight space.

Ak-47,Big Bud, Bubblegum Kush,Northern lights, BlueDream

Nutes: Fox farm grow big, Cal-Mag, Koolbloom GH


1-26-12 seeds germinated about a 60 % sucess rate.( fyi im poor and dont have a great phone so if i do post pics they will be crappy.)
1-30-12 seedlings were put into soft soil to see if they sprout.

ALSO FOR ANYONE WITH SCROG EXP PLZ THROW ME SOME TIPS! as for everyone else much love, and keep on toking
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