New pistils are drying out only 12 days into 12/12

  • February 22, 2012
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So I’m growing a 13 week sativa strain and just flipped to 12/12 almost 2 weeks ago.
Pistils have begun growing out all over and buds are developing, but now I’m a little worried

The new pistils that literally just grew about 4 days ago have already begun to dry out and shrivel. They are still perfectly white but no longer plump and juicy as they were, instead they look completely dried

I really hope I don’t have a nanner somewhere pollinating everything. I don’t know if I’m too close with my light or what? The leaves all look fine, no light burn but this is my first time flowering a plant

my temperature is max 86Fday and 72 night, I’m using CO2 at 1100ppm. 9week vegged Kali-Mist in 6 gallons of 50/50 coco/perlite. RH is 55% day and 50% night. ppm 850 H&G Cocos, pH 5.8, pH of runoff 5.7-5.9

4x6x6 with 1000 HPS and 600 MH

Here’s a photo but keep in mind… My plants always look better under a camera… it’s hard to tell just how crispy those pistils really look in real life

Check out my thread if you want to see a bit more backround on my plants. They are beasts and the room is packed to the tits so I really really do not want anything bad to happen to them(please no hermies!)

Ohhhh yea I guess I should mention I’ve been using BushMaster(very mildly .75ml per gallon)… I’ve never heard of it causing this though
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