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Hey guys I was just preparing for my next grow and I thought I should give this Seedbank a nice review well for my first grow I grew 2 Super Sour OG Fem seeds and they arrived in great condition and all in original packaging and bubble wrapped etc there were no signs on the package indicating what was below all it had was my address and on the back a simple sign saying its a souvenir inside there was no return address so they wouldn’t have a cclue what was inside both seeds germinated great and grew into two beautiful females that made an amazing smoke I also orderd one TD bean by Barneys farm and they said that they take it out the original packaging because It’s a single bean so I will report back when it arrives

Check them out they do a lot more than just seeds aas well

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  • scam
  • alibongo uk
  • comprei na highsupplies nao recebi numero correio


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