Dr Greenthumbs Freedom 35- seed to smoke journal


Well, here we go.
Dr Greenthumb was kind enough to let me be the first to grow these out and here is what he has to say about them……….

"I wanted to let you all know about Freedom 35, a ground-breaking indoor plant that has been in development for over 5 years and will become available in September 2012.
Grow to whatever height you desire and flower. Stretch is very,very low.
35-45 days of flowering. Photo below is at 45 days (note stacked calyxis)
Caramel taste to the buds.
Potent as OG Very little trimming
Good yield

I started them and 24 hrs later 1 had a tap root and the other took about 36 hours to show a root. The first one has now cracked the soil and the other one was just put into soil.
They start in Jiffey pellets then go into cups and then 1 gal pots. From there they will go into 5 gal lowes buckets a couple weeks before flower.

I use—
Veg Room-
1 250 MH
2-125 watt T5 fixtures

Flower Room-
1- 600 HPS
1-400 HPS
1-400 MH
All hung vertically without hoods or tubes.

Pro-mix soil
Jacks Classic Nutes

I’m really excited to be doing this….thanks Doc and to all who will be following along!!!
Any details I missed? Please feel free to ask any questions.

The picture of the whole plant is from Doc and it is a seeded plant. the other pic is mine….

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