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Top 10 Strains of 2011



Green Housen Seeds

Green House has dominated the seed and coffeeshop scene in Ams­terdam for years, winning more Cannabis Cups than any other seed bank with powerhouse varieties like the Super Lemon Haze, Arjan's Ultra Haze and Super Silver Haze. Their newest strain. Exodus Cheese, repre­sents the height of plant husbandry. The famously stinky UK Cheese clone-only strain has been tamed into a feminized version, with a creeper high that's great for treat­ing insomnia or stimulating appetite.

EXODUS CHEESE In the indoor-growroom environment Exodus Cheese will stretch a bit and exhibit extensive branching throughout the vegetative and early flowering stage. She's a perfect can­didate for the "Screen of Green” (ScrOG) growing technique, which uses a horizontal chicken-wire screen at the canopy level to train the growing shoats. The relatively short flowering time and chunky skunky finished product make Exo­dus Cheese excellent for growers. smokers and patients alike.

Lineage: Stabilized Original UK

Cheese cut

Flowering time: 8 weeks

Contact: Green Hnuse Seeds.

CRITICAL + (Critical Plus)

(Dinafem Seeds)

CRITICAL + The original Critical Mass, de­veloped by Shantibaba from Mr. Nice Seed Bank, was a leg­endary cross of Big Bud and Skunk #1, two powerhouse Dutch strains from renowned pioneer breeder Nevil Schoen. makers personal collection. Dinafem has taken this famed variety and feminized it into a stable, guaranteed-female plant that still retains the in­tense and celebrated fruity aroma. sweet flavor and mighty high of the original. Thin, light green leaves sur­round huge, trichome covered tops so sticky that they actu­ally cling to the skin.

Dinafem also gives full credit to Shantibaba for th• strain's origins-in fact, t tried to offer him compensa­tion for it, but he refused with a laugh. saying: it all right, mate!' (thereby providing a great lesson in humility and friendship). They also used fedoras genetics to develop an autoflowering version of Critical + that stays art and stocky, producing bushy spears of bud at knee level. Keep in mind that the odor of this indoor/outdoor staple of Spain can be overpowering. on always use strong filtra-bon during growth, harvest and drying.

Lineage: Sig Bud x Skunk (feminized)

Flowering time: 7 weeks

Contact: Dinafem Seeds.


(Dr. Greenthumb)

IRANIAN AUTOFLOWER Contrary to popular belief, hashish is pop" ular In Iran and has been for hundreds of years, ever since Muslims introduced it to Persia in the 12th century as an alterna­tive to alcohol. which was forbidden by the Koron. Or. Greenthumb tracked down the genetic basis for these seeds from the Mashhad region of northern Iran, where the landrace has its origins. After planking several flats of seeds for obser­vation. he found one that finished much earlier than the rest-completely ripe and ready for harvest in Ontario in mid-August!

Autoflowering plants start blooming at a short height regardless of the photope­riod, making seeds such as the Iranian quite valuable for growers in harsh cli­mates or high altitudes. Another advantage is the finishing time outdoors: sometimes as early as July. long before the choppers and rippers are out in force. Also, these plants stay short (under two feet) and out of plain sight, yet fill out quite nicely with big, hashy colas when ripe.

Lineage: Northern Iranian landrace

Flowering timer 6 to 7 weeks. or 90 days from planting

Contact: Dr.



(The Call Connection)

Larry OG KUSH The famed Larry OG cut made the rounds in South­ern Cali for years and is an all-time favorite of Kush lovers everywhere. The ar­chetypa) "lemon - fuel/Pine-­Sol funk" (as breeder Swerve perfectly describes it) is the tip-off that you're dealing with a real-dea) OG cross.

Grown from seed. Larry does some pretty serious stretching after flowering is induced, but makes up for it with good yields of super-potent and odiferous pot. Typi­cally producing almond- or teardrop-shaped calyxes with bright orange hairs, this strain grows super-frosty, with crystals out to the ends of the fan leaves (which turn dark purple as the plants near maturity). The thin. stretched-out branches may need to be staked for sup­port, and mites love the Lar OG Kush as well-so stay vigi- lant and keep checking the undersides of leaves for damage to catch them early if they happen to attack. Lineage: Son Fernando Pol­ley OG Kush (F3) x Larry Kush clone

Flowering time: 9 to I0 weeks

Contact: The Coli Connection.




Cold Creek Kush Although Cold Creek Kush was the second-place Indic° win­ner at the 2010 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, she's actually a hybrid that is slightly sativa-dominant in her growth habits and the profile of her high. Diesel and Kush Inters wil! rejoice at the familiar lemony flavor, followed by an instantly recognizable potent effect that hits the brain, the body and everything in between.

Cold Creek Kush was developed by Adam from T.H.Seeds In Colorado and refined through backcrossing into a potent and stable variety, As with most sativa-dominant hybrids. this strain will exhibit some stretch (typically about a font and a half) after flowering is induced, but she's wel) worth the trou­ble when finished. Adam tells me: "The offspring exhibit the classic fuelly, hashy undertones, with a more developed structure and a sophisticated high that lingers longer than the average OG"

Lineage: [OG Kush x MK-Ultra) x Chem 91

F)owering time: 8 To 9 weeks

Contact: T.H.Seeds.


(DNA Genetics)

KOSHER KUSH After acquiring an extra-special cut (allegedly blessed by a rabbi) from a crew of Jewish kids in LA, the DNA boys set out to refine and stabilize their find. The resulting strain, Kosher Kush, provides a potent and powerful punch. With so many watered-down Kushes on the market, it's nice to taste a new one with all the flavor and kick of the original. The citrusy fue) odor stinks right through the jar, re­quiring proper sealing techniques in order to not blow up your spot.

Growers (and trimmers) will love the impressive calyx-to-leaf ratio, but I should note that this plant is a heavy feeder and will stretch some throughout growth. Aaron tells mw She grows tell, so pinching will help tame her as well as beef up the yields." Aaron and Don also remind me that they're not religious at all. so the name isn't Intended to promote any particular creed aver the rest. Try some Kosher Kush for a taste of Cali­fornia's finest "bitter herb."

Lineage: OG Hush x Super Secret Sativa

Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks

Contact: DNA Genetics.




(Mandala Seeds)

Jasmin end Mike of Mandela Seeds specialize in working with Interesting and overlooked cannabis varieties from the Indian subcontinent. and their latest creation, Krystalica, exem­plifies the mystic region's finest

at­tributes. She's 75% saliva, containing landrace genetics from Kerala (in South India) as well as Nepal. When smoked. the bubblegum sweetness is what you'll notice first, followed by a spicy and musky finish and a cerebral high that reveals why the hashish from those regions Is considered sacred.

KRYSTALICA 01 Growing Krystalica results in huge, pyramid-shaped colas with an incredi­ble amount of resin production (tri­chomes exist all the way out on the fan leaves). Jasmin tells me there's some phenotype variation. and they've documented several on their website. allowing growers to select the perfect mother plants for their own specific climate or growing conditions. Jasmin beams with pride as she describes the strain: She rivals and even ex­ceeds our Satori In potency, yield and vigor!"

Lineage: South Indian and Nepali Landraces

Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks

Contact: Mandela Seeds,



(TGA Genetics)

Subcoo) strikes again with e delightfu) mix of sour and sweet in his newest offer­ing. Cheese Quake. He first got the idea for it whi)e mix­ing the two strains in a Joint, then set about cross­ing them together and carefu)ly choosing and sta­bilizing the results.

CHEESE QUAKE Slightly indica-dominant. the Cheese Quake Is a delight to grow, filling out early with a thick bud structure and short internodes.

Subcool says there are two phenotypes from these seeds: one more Urkel-dominant. with a strong. musty grape/lavender flavor. and the other more Cheese-dominant, with a pungent, sourer sme)l. The high is cerebra) and head-tingling. followed by an energetic body stone (to quote Subcool's de­scription, and I couldn't agree more). Cheese Quake also shows a high C80 leve) in leb tests. making it perfect for patients who need pain relief or sup­pression of tremors. but without the drowsiness that sometimes comes from smoking Indices.

Lineage: Exodus Cheese x Querkle (Urkel x Space Queen)

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks

Contact: TGA Genetics.



(BC Bud Depot)

Perennia) Top 10 winners BC Bud Depot return with a new in dica-dominent strain bound to make a splash on the elite seed market. Prior to being stabi)ized. this G-13/Butterscotch Hawaiian cross was named Free Leonard in honor of Native American politica) prisoner Leonard Peltier. The genetic-iso­lation process was actually a THE BIG collaboration between BC Bud Depot and Canndoc Medica) Laboratories, which is licensed to develop genetics for the medical-marijuana patients of Is­rael. Lab testing ensures that only the strongest offspring make it into the seed-production process.

The Big's super-high THC levels make her perfect for pa­tients In search of relief from intense pain. and she's also great for the recreationa) user )ooking to relax. Growers wil) delight in the bright green foliage and marvel at the tremen­dous amount of trichomes produced by this strain. The fresh buds have an overpowering)y sweet blueberry-bubblegum flavor and odor, but skunky and hashy undertones arise after grinding up a nug. The narcotic high lasts for hours end can be almost hallucinatory at times. so this one is not recom­mended for the occasional toker!

Lineage: G-13 x Butterscotch Hawaiian (stabilized FL-Cola phenotype)

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks

Contact: BC Bud Depot,



(Berney's Farm)

The first-place winner at the 2010 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amster­dam. Tangerine Dream wowed judges with its unique sweet citrus flavor and robust, euphoric high. This Is a classic sativa-dominant strain that delivers a delightfully energetic feeling and a fruity odor that tick)es the nose with Its

tanginess. Testing at 25% THC and 1.8% CBD, Tangerine Dream works wonders medicinally for a wide variety of ailments. The clean, bell-like and long-lasting "up" high is prized by pa­tients and pot nerds alike.

TANGERINE DREAM Clandestine farmers wil) truly ap­preciate the uncharacteristically large yields from these sativa-esque plants. They branch out nicely and can grow quite colossal. especially outdoors In ful) sun. The smal) yet supremely po­tent trichomes make some of the tastiest and most intense)y stellar hash around. Expect to see more harvest-festiva) awards In the future for this In­credible and bliss-inducing variety!

Lineage: (G-13 x Afghan x Nevil's A5 Haze] x G-13

Flowering time: 10 weeks

Contact: Berney's Farm,