Suspicious Ebay Offers…..


Today I was skimming through the new offers on Ebay when I saw a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.0m tent, with 6 x Lumatek 600w dimmable ballasts, 6 x Euro relectors, 6 x 600w HPS bulbs, a 12" RvK, a 8" Rvk, a 12" Phat carbon filter, a SMSCOM twin controller, a black box 8 way connector, 6 x pairs yoyo hangers and maybe a few more items.

The whole lot was advertised at being worth 3000 ($4500) but the bidding was only at 360 with less than an hour left.

It sold for 411.

The writing said it would take 28 days to deliver (so arrival would be around 2nd January 2014.

The person selling it called themselves ‘haraldsrutins-shop’
They are based in Latvia (sirens screaming – sirens screaming!!!)
They only have 4 feedback scores – all accumulated over the last few weeks and all for buying (NOT SELLING) items with tiny values (nothing over 1.50).

I looked around some more and found 2 more similar offers.

Both from Latvia – both being unable to deliver for 28 days – BOTH sellers having very recent feedback for tiny buys,,,,

To me this is an obvious scam

Latvia may be in the EU but it’s mindset is still very USSR
Cyber crime and pimping their best mates sisters is all they’re able to do.

Please sign my petition.

Dear President Obama,
Let’s NUKE Latvia.
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