Automatics, the surprise package which continues to surprise


growers have 1 tent set at a constant light cycle, most auto growers seem to prefer a system of 20 hours light and 4 hours of dark. Every 2 weeks they germinate a new auto seed (or two) and put it into the tent. After 11 weeks the first plant is ready to harvest, and every 2 weeks after that the grower can enjoy another harvest. It’s an ideal system for the medical grower that grows their own medication, and it’s good for the recreational smoker that doesn’t like to run out.

The arrival of the modern auto has allowed all these new growing possibilities. And of course, lots of people get great results grow­ing auto’s in greenhouses and outdoors. One of the reasons for the popularity of auto’s has to be their sheer versatility.

Occasionally some growers will ask whether you can make your own auto seeds. We would say it is a small minority of growers that want to produce seeds. But you can do it, just cross a male auto with a female and you will get a crop of seeds which should all express automatic flowering trait. If you are really clever you will be able to make femin­ized auto seeds!

Auto’s are now firmly established among the home-growing community. Choose your seedbank and variety well and you will be rewarded with a flexible, potent and highly productive addition to your garden.

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