Chem Dawg – the legend comes to Europe


Chem. The aim is to launch a new strain, as close as possible to the legendary Chem Dawg standards, on the market.

Here at Soft Secrets, we were lucky enough to get to try the first selections, during a recent visit to one of Dinafem’s selection centres. They’re definitely on the right track. The first samples show a homogeneous lineage, which main­tains the features that made the original Chem Dawg legendary, including the oily flavour with its combination of gas and fruit, with a predominance of cit­rus petroleum. Another important fea­ture is the high potency, with its intense effect on all the senses. The medicinal aspect can be sensed from the first taste, although a lot still depends on the defini­tive hybrids and respective analyses for a final confirmation.


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