Perpetual Harvesting – MAX OUT YOUR GROW ROOM


varieties that have grown in popular­ity in recent years. These strains don’t rely on light cycles and they automatically go into the flowering phase when they reach a certain point of growth. This means you can have a single room with all your differ­ent stages growing in it and on the same light cycle, so there will be no need to build separate light tight spaces for the different spectrum bulbs. You will still need to feed the plants different nutrients so be sure to keep them organized by age. Simply put your lights on a timed cycle for 18-20 hours of on time and your plants from cloning to harvest will thrive. The amount of light auto-flower varieties need is a big debate in the world of cannabis growers but I have found 18/6 or 20/4 cycle work great.

These same ideals will work for any grow light set up not just HID’s, whether it’s a VHO (Very High Output) fluorescent, LED, plasma etc.

Success is all in the set up, maintenance and care!

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