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Venice Beach Afghan

These seeds were given to me for testing this strain. This cross of OG Kush and White Widow was a pleasure to watch grow and flow. I started with the bean in a glass of water for 12 hours. Than I put it into soil 10 cm pot into a propagator and TL above. In 24 hours there she was, alive and kicking.

After 3 weeks I re-potted her in a 17 liter pot and topped her twice. In a mix of Plagron Light, Pro and Batmix. Day 28 I forced her into flowering, every day I gave them 12 hours of darkness inside. The meaning wasto grow her outside all of the time, but the weather was not that good, so I put her inside for several weeks in my PLL Venice Beach Afghan 01 Mirror box. She finished outside the last 2 weeks of flowering. Nutrients where not used in this grow, only water given by hand. This Venice Beach Afghan was a pleasure to grow. The growing and flowering periods I did not have any problems at all. I did not have to spray anything on the plant, the health was perfect.

After 7-8 weeks of flowering, the tricho­mes where milky and for 50% amber, time to harvest. I let the total plant dry upside down for two weeks. After these two weeks I put them into shoeboxes for dry­ing and curing further. The best cannabis there is, is cured cannabis.

She smells like petroleum and very fruity. The taste is very sweet and nice in your throat. She stays there for a while. It gives you a real relaxed feeling and you also become creative. It works great against pain and you can sleep well on Venice Beach Afghan. A mixed feeling of stoned and high.

I do like this cross so much, that I am gro­wing her again now.

Environ; Inside 275 PLL/Outside Open Air.

Method: Forced Flowering after 3 weeks

Medium: Plagron Pro, Light and Batmix

Nutrient: none

Grow Time: 4 weeks

Flower Time: 8 weeks

Plant structure: short and wide

Bud structure: real fat indica buds

Scent: Sweet Kush

Effect: Relaxed and also creative

Yield: Average

Venice Beach Afghan 02 Venice Beach Afghan 03