Motherplant question.


I have a motherplant that I have had in a dwc bucket for about a month now. Its a liberty haze clone I took while the plant was a couple weeks in flower. I had it in my little bubble cloner for the while it took it to revert back to veg. The growth finally took off and nodes are EVERYWHERE! but vegetative growth seems to have slowed up after its first burst. Like I said its been in the bucket taking nutes for a month. Yesterday I switched it to 12/12 which I will only do for 2 weeks just to get her to stretch, then put her back to veg to take clones from.
I have never had a mother plant nor done a sea of green before, but as far as this side of it goes is this a good practice since clones dont grow with same vigor as seeded plants?
As always any help from experienced growers is always welcome. I have 3 hydro grows using the scrog and a bunch of outdoor under my belt. New to dwc which will hold mums.
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