White Widow


Undoubtedly a good example of what represents a White strain plant with a big Indica influence, fairly low yields, but strong buzz and meaty, firm bodied buds. Preventive measures must be taken and humidity kept dose to 60% during growth and at the start of flowering, in this way, attacks by the red spider mite, archenemy of this strain, are avoided. On the other hand, to avoid certain moulds that the White Widow is susceptible to, humidity must be kept fairly low towards the end of flowering. True to her name, she has a frosting of white crystals on her buds and inner leaves. Dedicated growers who know how to Look after the White Widow will reap the rewards when it comes to harvesting, since she has an undeniable buzz, and at the same time a pleasant fruity flavour, making her an ideal herb for chilling out and savouring the flavour. Feminised.

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