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Fruit Spirit

I also added fish blood & bone meal to help with the flowering process. In the first week of flower the plant didn't seem to move at all which can some­times happen. But in the second week I started to see the plant grow. For the next three weeks I watched as the plant gained height, no side branching at all, just height. All the time just being watered as the soil was already fed. By the end of week 5 the plant had stopped growing and was clearly now focusing on budding. Then some one decided we should have 25 degree heat for two weeks which drove my room temps up to around 34-41c at one point!!! But to its credit Fruit Spirit kept on plugging along show­ing no signs of stress at all - which is a rare thing when it comes to fem seeds. Most I have tried and stressed chuck out male flowers. Some are far worse then others, but credit to Royal Queen, no nanners on this girl. Over the next 4 weeks I just sat back & watched & watered as the buds swelled up and the resin formed. All the time the smell of the plant was changing from a citrus to a berry with an extra funk I can't put my finger on. But it's a good funk. Over all I enjoyed growing this plant as it was a breeze in my room, no hassle what so euer. If you are a grower who buys Female seeds then I would give these guys a go as from what I'm reading and seeing as well as talking to other growers they (Royal Queen) have some good stuff you can get your hands on for next to nothing cost wise. I have been informed by some one who's judg­ment I trust that their Northern lights is a sight to behold! I might just have to have a Look my self.