Advanced Nutirents Organic B-1?? Anyone use?


Has anyone tried Advanced Nutirents Organic B-1? I just got a free 1 ltr bottle of it from my local grow shop to try out. I am currently using Roots Organic Master feed schedule for my plants with pretty good results, better then when I was using Earth Juice when I first started out growing. I am always open to trying different products so switching to advanced nutes.. I wouldnt mind doing if I get better results.
He also gave me a small bottle of Bud candy also to try out but I am not totally sure if I will give it a try on this grow or maybe wait till the next. I dont know if adding the b-1 and bud candy to what I am using would be a good thing or not, I usually dont add anything but whats on the chart. I am still a newbie and dont want to kill my whole crop mixing up whatever nutes I have. Anyone have any advice?
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