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growroom workers. Cara Pellegrino serves as the company’s general manager and oversees the financing of this massive operation. “People hear about our 10,000-square-foot growroom and figure that we’re making tons of money,” she says. But in order to operate legally, there are attorneys, taxes, insurance, not to mention our own huge debt that we must finance-and we have to be strictly compliant with all city codes. We’re held to a higher level of expectations than most other businesses, and we’re not afraid to meet higher standards. We just think they should be the same for everyone.”

Palm Springs has Licensed only three dispensaries, but there are 32 operating at present. Cara says, “We operate honestly and openly. We want everyone to know that we are Lawful and fully compliant.” Realistically, the operation of an indoor garden this size—especially when it’s situated in America’s blast furnace—allows Little time for Cannahelp to worry about competing collectives. The growroom is housed in the same facility as the reception area and company offices. Upon entry into the growroom, a visitor is greeted by aisles of Luxuriant cannabis greenery ensconced in drain-to-waste tables. (Many growers prefer drain-to-waste systems because they provide better control over the plants and help prevent diseases.) We use either four-by-four or four-by-eight- foot drain-to-waste tables,” Stacy explains. When we first plant the clones in the garden, we water every four to five days. As the plants get bigger, we have to increase watering to every two to three days. We have a 2,600-gallon RO [reverse-osmosis] tank that feeds the 550-gallon reservoir in which we mix the nutrients. We use every drop of our 550-gallon reservoir each time we water. Stacy has been a fan of Advanced Nutrients products for years, especially Senn Grow and Connoisseur. Lately, however, he has developed a great deal of admiration for the products of Aurora Innovations, such as their Roots Organics and Soul Synthetics Lines. ,We’ve noticed that other growers, who are growing in the same environment as we are, are getting better yields, better taste and better crystal formations in their plants with these products, he says. “Advanced Nutrients has changed their Line a bit where you now have to mix your nutes more. I can’t do that. 1 can’t go back to zero—I can’t put my operation at risk because they changed their formula. We’re already spending $6,000 a month on nutrients.” .More Like $7,500,, corrects Cara. “All of our waste notes get used in the Landscape planters around our building,” Stacy adds. We reuse and donate our soil for local vegetable gardens as much as possible, since it’s full of perlite and super-high quality. “We also use a good dose of beneficial bacteria Like Tarantula, Piranha, Actinovate and Microbe-Lift. Every two weeks or so, we water with beneficial nematodes to help control insects at the Larva

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