important to drain away that excess water to maintain the right climate. (Too much water in the growroom will cause air hu­midity to climb fast, creating all sorts of issues.) In my experience, flushing with an amount of water up to three times the volume of the medium is even more effective, as long as the drainage is quick. Also, flushing is best done at the beginning of the light cycle so as to favor the evaporation of excess water and let the medium begin the drying process faster afterwards.

Franco, Green House Seed Company,(only registered users can se the link, login or register)


The No. 1 tip I’d give anyone would be to go organic. Not only will you save time and money in the grow-room, but it will also help lessen your carbon footprint and provide you with higher-quality cannabis that burns properly. Go green, grow green. We already have an overdependence on petrochemicals, so why pour fertilizers made of these substandard ingredients on our plants? I say no! Growing organic won’t only make a difference in your growroom—it will change your life.

—Shiloh Massive, NorCal legend


Depending on whether your plants are in pots or in beds, there may be some variation in this method—and even with natural preventive-maintenance sprays such as neem oil to combat predators, as well as the amazing permanent color markers available today, the strain names will eventually fade away if one doesn’t pay close attention.

So, with all that being said, and knowing a little bit about insurance, I like to prepare many identical la­bels for my plants and place them in multiple spots—in the containers, on the sides of containers, under the containers, and tied to the plants [especially when the plants are in beds)—to ensure that there’s no possible mix-up of strains. As the breeder and creator of Delta-9 Labs, I’ve seen several so-called breeding facilities over the past 15 years while living in the Netherlands that were quite disorganized, dirty and even potential fire hazards. Keep it safe, smart and cerebral, and keep it clean and well organized!

—Ed Borg, Delta 9 Labs, (only registered users can se the link, login or register)

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