Blaze your own trail in the world of grow­ing, but allow the wealth of knowledge that’s already out there to be your guide. Don’t get mired in your own methods: Too much pride in your growing style or fear of failure will limit you. Your plants are what you make them, and a perpet­ual-harvest cycle will allow you to individualize your techniques for each plant’s specific nutrient and water needs. Or­ganization means less work, so change one thing at a time and have patience. And when you find something worth sharing, keep the growing community alive and don’t bogart your knowledge.

—Jessi & James, winners of the 2010 Ore­gon Medical Cannabis Awards


Organic soils and fertilizers will always be the preferred method for growing great herb, but without some assistance, they release their vital nutrients slowly, which can really be a drag on your flow­ering times. The only way to maximize their effectiveness the all-natural way is the same way our own bodies swiftly break down food into usable minerals: enzymes. These are protein catalysts that speed up the decomposition process in organic matter, unlocking the stored molecules it contains. For example, bat guano—which is packed with phospho­rus thanks to the bat’s insect diet—also contains powerful enzymes to break it down quickly and prevent it from accu­mulating on the cave floor. Together, the phosphorous and enzymes make bat guano a potent and fast-acting flower fertilizer. Seabird poop is another cheap and sustainably harvested fertilizer with active enzymes. Likewise, psidocene—an enzyme and biostimulant derived from seaweed—helps speed the recovery of transplanted or otherwise shocked or stressed plants.

—Ben Kind, HIGH TIMES cultivation reporter


Plants don’t need flowering food until they’ve got flowers forming. Keep plants on full-strength vegetative nutes through the first week of flow­ering for indicas and the sec­ond week for sativas, then combine both veg and bloom formulas for a week. Likewise, plants will benefit from contin­ued metal halide (MN) lighting for a week or two into the flow­ering stage.

—Kyle Kushman,  HIGH TIMES cultivation reporter extraordi­naire, (only registered users can se the link, login or register)

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