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Grow On 30 Years of Sensi Seeds

9th October 2015 – 1st May 2016 Opening: Thursday, 8th October 2015, at 7.00 p.m.

Organisation: Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum of Barcelona

Address: Palau Mornau’s ground floor. Carrer Ample, 35. Barcelona

Dates: Friday, 9th October 2015 to Sunday, 1st May 2016

Exhibit hours: 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Entrance: free admission to the temporary exhibition; please check our entrance prices to visit the permanent exhibition.

Grow On: 30 Years of Sensi Seeds is the new temporary exhibition of the Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum of Barcelona. Founded in 1985 by Ben Dronkers, Sensi Seeds grew to become the largest cannabis genetic seed bank in the world, enabling recreational and medicinal growers alike to get access to the highest quality of cannabis genetics. Through large collages, unique items from the Sensi Seeds archive and the museum collection, this special exhibit will narrate the story of a company that has been at the pinnacle of the global cannabis world for decades.

From the late seventies until the mid-eighties, Dutch philanthropist Ben Dronkers travelled the world, seeking out the best cannabis seed varieties. Focusing on regions famous for their ancient cannabis traditions, Dronkers established an extensive collection of Indica and Sativa seeds which was to be the starting point for Sensi Seeds. Together with friends, he initiated cross-breeding projects combining the genes of different cultivars to develop new, now legendary, cannabis hybrids.

“The Sensi Seed Bank is the most comprehensive cannabis genetics bank in the world and it is, from a medical point of view, essential that it remains functioning and intact. It is a little like preserving the rainforest because we know there are potential medicines there which must not be destroyed.”, according to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Over the last 30 years, the cannabis industry has grown from a few seeds collected by dedicated breeders into a global commerce. Entrepreneurs and activists, philanthropists and profiteers, politicians and opposition have all played their role in this process. At present, recreational and medicinal users of cannabis have access to first class cannabis genetics for their personal needs and international laws are slowly being amended to end the needless war on this resourceful plant.

Despite witnessing the decline of coffeeshops in Amsterdam due to restrictive policies, the rise of social cannabis clubs in Barcelona, the progression of cannabis legalization in the USA, and the pharmaceutical sale of marijuana in Uruguay clearly illustrate a positive move towards restoring the cannabis plant to its rightful place in society. Looking back at the thirty years of Sensi Seeds’ existence, one comes to realize how instrumental the vision and perseverance of such a company has been for the cultural and legal position of the cannabis plant today.

The Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum is part of a cluster of companies, founded by Ben Dronkers, involved in all aspects of the cannabis plant. Its sister museum in Amsterdam, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, attracts more than 100,000 visitors a year. The museum is a subsidiary of Sensi Seeds, the oldest cannabis seed producing company, and HempFlax, the leading European industrial hemp producing company.