4 100w cfl 2 plants grow questions (:


Hello im new to this website and this would be my first post also my very first grow. I have a pc box that i made and i just had one 100 w cfl in it when i started the first two seeds i got from my guy…(One seed is white widow and the other is ak47)… After a week i realized i should maybe move them to a bigger box so i made another one out of an old night stand that i had, its 2feet tall, 2feet wide and 2 feet deep. I got 2 more seeds so i planted them…(so i have better chance to get some females)… and i also got 3 more 100w cfls. My questions were….. if i should use more light? How should i do lst to these plants? Please help if you can and advice. "Vape it dont flame rape it!" Thanks Everyone!

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