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  • November 11, 2015
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Hello Rollitup! This is HappyHarvest checking in! I have posted a couple of times previously with questions but I have decided to document my very first grow! While there are a number of (only registered users can se the link, login or register) friendly forums, Rollitup has by far been the most informative to me so I decided to give them the honor of my first grow!

Everything and pictures will be posted shortly. Just a heads up of what this is. First thing, I welcome all comments whenever they may come. being my first grow i welcome all advice from all corners.

So just a background… This is my very first grow and I was inspired by the stealth setup and am trying to follow suit, although will likely soon be moving to a tub to keep a somewhat quasi-SOG grow going.

The plants are two White ICE seeds and one Afghan Haze feminized seed

It is a soil grow. Scotts potting soil. I proved to be the least nutrient enriched and most neutral (didnt want to have to account for nutes I did not add myself). I played with the idea of hydro but being a poor kid I wanted to show what kind of grow would happen for someone who just bought the bare essentials for growing anything. soil is also much more "noob-friendly" and forgiving which is another reason I am using soil as a medium. as a kind of happy medium I mixed about 35-40% perlite. This gives ALOT of drainage and in the box dries in about 2 days. so I am kind of taking a hydroponic mentality in watering frequently to decrease root stretch.

my nutrients will cause quite a stir I have seen on many threads. I searched for a long time about nutes and came across a couple of threads talking about the use of urine for vegging. It seemed weird but trying to make a guide for the poor I gave it a shot and withing a couple of days its growth showed quite clear. so I am giving two plants (one ICE and the afghan) that and plain, distilled tap water and the other ICE is getting MG all purpose (something like 20-8-14). also showing good growth.

as can be seen in the pictures I have tried LST with the Afghan and one ICE and have topped them all about a month into the grow. and to the most recent pictures, two new growth buds are showing at the spot of the topping (not visible by pictures). the plan is to clone atleast one of the ICE plants (first plant to give a branch enough for clones without cutting the main stem) and sex it to determine sex of mother plant. hope to flower the plants shown in the pictures upcoming by FEB.

Like I said I welcome all comments as soon as they can come. I know the urine as nute thing may cause some arguments and debating. while I welcome advice based on experience, the actually debate belongs in other threads. Like I said I saw much debate but extremely little info ffrom people saying they had actually done it.

below is the picture of the box. it consists of a gutted old pc box lined with aluminum foil, a power strip, 3 23 watt (60 or 100 watt equiv i believe) 6500k bulbs with adapters, and a timer (not shown). it also as the two fans that were in the pc already. I placed the smaller one in the lower right and the larger exhaust in the upper left. for what little smell there was I simply placed a fabric softener sheet outside the exhaust fan and the room the box was in smelled like a fresh load of laundry haha. the fans are powered by a spliced old cell phone charger.

I hope everyone partakes in this grow journal with whatever advice they bring to the table and I hope many can learn that growing your own bud can be a huge learning process, but is not simply for those who can afford thousand dollar lighting and nutrient DWC systems.

enjoy and happy harvesting my friends!

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