Need help BAD. Will post pics soon.

  • December 15, 2015
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Alright.. here’s the deal. My plants are vegging right now and should have been in flowering a week ago or so. The sickness only started with a few plants but now its started to spread and its going to fuck everything up! 2 main visual changes to the plants are yellowing of the leaves and purple stem and I mean the leaves are turning straight yellow and dieing off. Every single plant was green and lush before and now its just a mess! Please help, there are also black little worms that are on the bottom of the buckets and most likely in the root system.. I put gravel at the bottom of the bucket and didn’t sterilize it so I think that is why I have the critters. Are they the cause of the yellowing?? If so what are these little suckers called and what should I do. I keep plucking dried up yellow leaves every day. Its really starting to spread to other plants help!
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