100% Germinating Success!!!!!


I have discovered a way to Germinate Seeds with 100 % Success Rate. I Use:
– A small plastic bag / Sandwich bag…. or other … and Kitchen Towel…. I dampen the Kitchen Towel place the seeds inside and place it all inside the open bag then I leave it on top of the fridge or in the cupboard or generally Anywhere….:)
What I do different to Most People is:
Instead of planting the seed when I see the White Root Tip emerging from the seed – I leave it alone….
and I leave it…. and I leave it… and in fact I don’t touch it at all until I see LEAVES…
This may seem rather Strange! But I wait until the plant has basically shed its seed completely….
Then I Plant it!
I have never lost a seed! Ever!
I discovered this Method by accident – I forgot to check my Germing Seeds in their Kitchen Towel for so long – they had turned into seedlings and their roots were busy trying to bury their way down into the Kitchen Towel! 😀
What I think happens when you plant – as you see the first signs of white root poking out – is that the root is very delicate – messing with it – covering it in dirt – disturbing it in any way can damage the root AKA the plant and also cause PLANT SHOCK!!!!!!! And it never surfaces from the pot. Its just died in there.
When you leave it alone in the Kitchen Towel (assuring of course IT IS ALWAYS DAMP AND NEVER DRYS OUT) and it becomes a seedling – it is then strong enough to be manhandled…. and therefore I have 100% SUCCESS RATE!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty Cool HUH?
Hope You Like It…… Happy Wierd Seeding! 🙂
PS: It doesn’t matter if the leaves go a funny colour – a day in their new pot and in the light the Leaves always return to Normal….
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