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Ok I am a card holding patient, I been growing good herb, and would like to be a caregiver for 1 or 2 patients, I have everything set up to do this.

But I am Disabled and have my good days and than bad day where i cant walk. Right now when I am layed up I have a friend that is a card holder that waters my plants and checks on my grow for me.

But If i had other patients plants, would I beable to have someone else check on them Leagaly. I am not going to do it inless I can be 100% leagal, and I dont want to plants to go 2 days with out being checked on.

I already put alot of time and enerygy into growing. and it would not be that much harder to grow 12 more plants.

Should I have each patients plants in there own contaned/locked room. or just do them all together?.

How would i go about haveing a friend check on the garden if they arn’t his patients
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