Blunt Blowin’s 1st Grow-CFL+MG organic


What’s up RIU!

Well, after a couple of months of research, some conversation w/ some wonderful people on here, and tons of anticipation and excitement, I have finally begun my first grow ever :clap:.

Ok, so 1st things 1st; I am growing a Nirvana NL auto. I ordered from attitude and I must say they were great to work with. I even got a sweet shirt and a couple of freebies.

Anyways, here is my set-up:

6 CFL’s
(23 watts each/138 total)- 4 6500k + 2 2700k for veg and vice versa once flowering comes along. I screwed the CFL’s into Y-splitters that are screwed into outlet adapters. The outlet adapters are plugged into a power strip. The power strip is mounted to a homemade reflector hood that’s made out of an aluminum baking dish found at Wal-Mart

MG organic + MG perlite
(I know, I know already; MG isn’t the best stuff to use, but I have read several instances where people have had success and its what I have access to, plus its good for a budget grow. Don’t try to convince me to switch to something else, just give feedback that helps my situation :mrgreen:)- about a 3-2 ratio of soil to perlite.

Emergency Blankets– Used emergency blankets to cover walls and floor in grow closet

RO water– water is SUPER hard here, and i think it will help w/ ph, hopefully.

Ok, so I started germination 2.5 days ago (Tuesday night). I used the typical paper towel method, RO water, and placed it into a tupperware container. I then put the tupperware container on my stove. I have an old school oven/stove so whenever the oven is on high enough (like 250 or above) the stove top heats up as well. I placed a dishtowel on the stove and then put my tupperware container on the dishtowel. This kept the container a lil warm and FINALLY my seed popped this morning. I checked it like twice a day to make sure the paper towel was moist enough.

So, I then filled up my solo cup full of soil/perlite and watered it well w/ RO water until I had good drainage (drilled some holes in bottom of cup, about 5-6 small ones), then let it set for about 10-15 minutes. Using a pen, I poked about a 3/4" hole in the soil, dropped the seed in, covered it back up w/ soil, then covered the cup w/ plastic wrap.

So, this is where I am at this point. I hope to get some followers, some advice/suggestions, and I hope you all want to come along for the ride. If you can’t tell already, this is def a budget grow, but I want to get the best possible product I can. :peace:

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